Welcome to the Thornden Cloud.
Click for help getting started.

If you are using an Apple Mac / iPad device you will first need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store. See the help page for more information.

If you wish to use the Web browser version to access Thornden Cloud or your device does not support the use of RDP files, please click here.

By using Thornden Cloud, you are agreeing to comply with Thornden School's Acceptable Use Policy.

Download Cloud.rdp

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Leave session on and reconnect to it from other devices.
Tap to activate soft keyboard. IE doesn't support 3 finger gestures and 2 finger scroll (mouse wheel).
Long pressRight click
FlickScroll screen if remote desktop resolution is bigger,
otherwise, drag
2 finger tapRight click
2 finger scollMouse wheel
3 finger tapShow software keyboard (iOS only)
3 finger pinch openMaximize window
3 finger pinch closeRestore window
3 finger flick leftPrevious window
3 finger flick rightNext window
3 finger flick downMinimize all windows
3 finger flick upRestore all windows